Woodturning is my passion and artistic outlet.  I choose wood as my medium because of the almost unlimited possibilities to create items of beauty and function.  Woodturning bowls and vases is challenging and fun.  I also enjoy woodturning boxes and other unique gift items.  Wood can be both rugged and delicate.  It’s my hope that my work helps others see the value and the importance of maximizing the potential of this beautiful, natural, and sustainable resource.  Bringing out the natural beauty of the wood is my primary goal.  Sonoma County is blessed with an abundance of my chosen medium, and the natural beauty that inspires me.  The wood I use comes from sustainable or reclaimed sources, no trees are cut down for my craft.

Woodturning Redwood

Juried art exhibits:

Sebastopol Center for the Arts

Gaulala Arts Center – Salon and Salon De-refuse’s (Main Salon) and Art in the Redwoods Festival


Professional Associations:

American Association of Woodturners/Wine Country Woodturners/Sebastopol Center for the Arts/Gualala Arts Center